Muhammad Rakibul

ACCA Affiliate

Muhammad Rakibul Hossain is an ACCA affiliate who achieved this prestigious qualification in an impressive five years, showcasing remarkable commitment and diligence. From an early age, academic excellence has been a hallmark of Mr. Rakibul’s journey, securing the highest results (GPA 5) in both HSC and SSC exams. This strong foundation, along with an outstanding average of 86 percent in knowledge level management papers, laid the groundwork for a thriving career in finance and accounting and a passion for teaching. With a natural talent for teaching, he discovered a profound sense of fulfillment in helping students master complex concepts. Specializing in management, he has been an integral part of our organization for the past seven months, guiding students with dedication and expertise. The results speak for themselves, as numerous students have excelled in their papers under his guidance, achieving commendable scores.  Mr. Rakibul is also a friend and mentor to his students. Approachable, friendly, and always eager to assist, he cultivates a positive and supportive learning environment that empowers students to reach their full potential.

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