Students Development Centre (SDC)

HeadStart’s Student Development Centre (SDC) facilitates our students to become future ready in a competitive business world. SDC’s goal is to ensure holistic improvement of our students in terms of skills enhancement, knowledge building and corporate etiquettes. Our wide array of career and academic services are uniquely geared to help our students to set them up for a thriving start as a working professional.

Students will be able to develop their abilities in areas such as public speaking, debating, quizzes, etc. at the Personal Development Centre (PDC). They will receive a Certificate after successfully participating in these activities and could add these skills gained under his/her resume.

Psychology Support Centre (PSC) will enable students to share their stories, any real-life struggles, anything that is worth discussing in order to break the silence and create a mutual understanding amongst everyone. Every story will be heard, every story will be preserved securely by HeadStart.

HeadStart has proudly founded Foreign Language Learning Club (FLLC). This club will help interested students learn foreign languages in a fun and friendly atmosphere. There will be quizzes and competitions under this banner and students will receive a Certificate upon participation on different programs.

We are here to celebrate our Traditional Cultural activities throughout the year, such as Bengali New Year (Pohela Boishakh), Pohela Falgun and many others. This will be an excellent opportunity for participants to gain voluntary experience, while the best volunteer will be picked by HeadStart and awarded a Cultural Club Certificate.

Under the Social Services Club (SSC) of HeadStart, Students will raise their voices on various social awareness programs such as tree plantation, cleaning activity, clothes and food donation, etc. HeadStart will proudly award the Social Services Club (SSC) Certificate to students upon successful participation in these programs.

HeadStart proudly and separately launched an Event Management Centre (EMC) to host sporting events as well as social gatherings such as – sports tournaments, organizing Iftar parties, etc. This will help students enhance their event management skills along with greater interactions with the community.


Our SDC members arrange different social and cultural events. These contributes to their self development and showcase their versatility as an individual and group member in society