Corporate and Business Law (LW)

Previously known as F4 Corporate and Business Law was renamed as Corporate and Business Law. All study materials related to F4 remain applicable for LW.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding general legal framework.
Specific legal areas relating to business.
Formation and constitutions of business organisations.
Recognising the need to seek further specialist legal advice as required.
Develop an understanding of Corporate fraudulent and criminal law.

Here’s an overview of Corporate and Business Law (LW) in brief from ACCA Global. To know more about this paper, please watch this video.

Nishat Kader


Mr Nishat completed his graduation in Finance from the University of Dhaka. Then he started ACCA and completed it with National Prize Winner Award in two of the ACCA papers. He became a registered Income Tax Practitioner (ITP) of NBR in 2017 and started his career as a Tax Consultant in the same year. Since then he has been serving different organisations. Moreover, he has provided training on Income Tax Management for employees of different local and multi-national corporations with fantastic feedback. Mr. Nishat has around 4 years of teaching experience. He is passionate about mentoring young professionals and has an engaging and quite different style of teaching.

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