Foundations Financial Management (FFM)

Learning Outcomes

Explain and apply the principles of working capital management.
Apply a range of accounting techniques used to forecast cash within the organization.
Describe methods and procedures for managing cash balances.
Explain principles in making medium to long term financing decisions.
Explain and apply principles in making capital investment decisions.
Describe credit management methods and procedures

Here are the syllabus overview and study guide for Foundations in Financial Management (FFM) in brief from ACCA Global.

Muktashid Rashidi Joy


Muktashid Rashidi Joy is an ACCA member with an MSc in Accounting and Finance degree, and currently working as the Deputy Director of Advisory and a faculty at HeadStart. After completing his diploma, degree, and post-graduation from one of the Russell Group universities in the UK, he started his career in one of the top brokerage companies and later moved to a chartered accountancy firm. He had been voluntarily working with different students’ organizations while abroad – understanding students’ needs and solving their problems in a calm and friendly manner. He was also a high achiever in two of the professional-level papers of ACCA. He has experience in serving clients from different industries while having corporate work experience of more than 4 years.

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